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January 18, 2018

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February 1, 2018

Let it Snow?

January 25, 2018

So this post is going to be super short because it’s finals week (and I caught the flu), so here’s an update about Monday the 22nd.

waseda snow

The nearby park

Generally, snow in England doesn’t actually follow any rules. It’ll come any time it wants. Rarely December, sometimes February, and it’s even come in April before. And every time, it’s sadly not a huge deal, as:

  1. It’s only ever like 5cm max.
  2. we’ve got a pretty efficient gritting system and all the snow is removed as soon as possible.

Most times, we’ll get snow in the forecast and then it’ll never arrive.

So being in Japan, where the forecast is genuinely accurate 99% of the time, is a nice change. When I saw that the forecast for Monday was snow from 10/11am to 11pm, I was incredibly excited, but expecting the same levels as we’d get in England. A small little flurry, enough to get you excited about the snow, but not enough to really enjoy – or it melts as soon as it hits the ground.

waseda snow balcony

No skyline

So of course, I was super excited to find out that the snow was sticking, and building up incredibly quickly. Which of course meant snow ball fights, and building several snowmen. It was a nice break from constant workload, and even though upon returning to my room I couldn’t stop feeling like I was in a freezer set at -50 degrees no matter how many layers I put on (surprise, surprise, the flu), it was just nice to experience snow here in Tokyo.

(I suppose I got lucky too – this was the heaviest snowfall that Tokyo has had since 2014.)

waseda parkIt’s also nice to see similarities between Tokyo and London regarding snow – I think Tokyo might genuinely be worse at dealing with it. Even though I was incredibly ill on Tuesday, I made sure to get myself to class for at least an hour for one of my final exams – and nearly nothing had been plowed away. I don’t think grit is actually a thing here. The ground was snowy, slushy, and icy, and everybody was slipping and falling over (no exaggeration – I extended my time walking to class by 5 minutes because I didn’t want to risk slipping and hitting my head in combination to having the flu.)

In London, they bring out the grit as soon as the snow starts falling – that’s surprisingly efficient, and something I’ll keep in mind next time I want to complain about how things are run at home. I mean, everything is falling apart a little, but at least we have a slightly better way of dealing with snow than Japan…?

Also. Yes, London is cold, and rainy. But oh my God, is it cold here right now. I think it’s actually around 10 degrees right now down South in England, but here we’re in the negatives for most of the day. I don’t know how I’ll survive this, but clearly I’m going to have to find a way. This is another weird thing to say, but I genuinely miss the weather back home right now?

In 4 days, this semester will be over, and in just under 2 weeks, I’ll be dealing with even more snow in Hokkaido… so unless this flu genuinely makes both my ears and tonsils explode like it seems to want to do, I’ve got exciting things coming!

campus snow

Plenty of snow still remaining from Monday

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