A Swan in Mauritius

January 6, 2018

The Wasps of Hakone

January 18, 2018

East Gardens

January 12, 2018

In my final post for December, I talked about how it’s tradition in Japan to write 漢字, kanji, that sums up the year coming to a close. I chose 望, ambition, desire, hope. I didn’t mention that it’s also tradition to write kanji that relate to your goals for the new year. So, my kanji for 2018 – 勇気. Courage.

tokyo buildings

I love the nature of Tokyo as equally as I love the glass buildings

Courage to do the things that I know I’m able to do, or even to do things that I know might fail, but having that experience under my belt. I suppose very soon I’ll prove that I have the courage to travel solo for 10 days through Western Japan – and I’ve got just under another 7 months of being here to be courageous. Not for anyone else but myself. I really do wish that the younger me could’ve had some kind of a view into the future, at where I am now, who I am now, and what I’m managing to achieve.

On another topic:

east garden trees

Dead winter trees and miracle shrubs

When I arrived back to Japan and wrote that short little post about Mauritius, I was under the impression that somehow my Japanese managed to improve in the time I was away. I was wrong. When I arrived back into Narita I somehow activated a super-powered part of my brain where Japanese was just flowing out of my mouth and I could read and understand absolutely everything (and from that one experience, I’m now a firm believer in that when you’re super tired your brain somehow improves in weird areas). Of course, that wore off, and now in addition to forgetting all of my daily habits here, my Japanese has taken some weird knock. It’ll definitely wear off, considering I’m still recovering from the drastic change in temperature, but it’s a bit annoying to figure out too late that you’ve forgotten to do something (ie. a blog post or a study session) which throws your schedule out of order. Like, I spent most of yesterday watching films, even though I have final exams coming up in 2 weeks.

east garden wallI’m also thinking at some point soon I’ll go on the hunt for a masala dosa here. Because I really really do miss them. In the past week I’ve had 2 curries here, from local places that I was meaning to check out but never got around to it. Khana is delicious, that one place next to building 22 was so-so, but the winner for the most delicious curry I’ve had so far in Japan remains that one shop in Takadanobaba.

Of course, since I’m trying to get back into work habits, not much exploring happened other than visiting the east gardens of the imperial palace – and so, I’ve finally ticked off everything on my Tokyo list. Which is a little sad, because now I can’t help but feel slightly demotivated. But all I need to do is find the motivation… to get motivated… to discover new places I could check out in Tokyo?

east gardens plantsIn any case, the gardens were beautiful – but I know for sure that when everything begins to bloom, especially during cherry blossom season, it’ll be even more stunning (and totally flooded over with tourists).

I’m pretty motivated to go to Hakone at some point soon too, so hopefully I’ll have good stories to tell from there… but until then, only 18 days left of this semester!



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