Goodbye, Social Media: A Conversation with Myself

July 4, 2017

Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head

July 10, 2017

Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

July 6, 2017
Goodbye, Social Media: A Conversation with Myself

“We move on and leave it as it is, but once in a while, let the reminiscence brighten this melody.” (JIDA)


I can’t even describe it but I love him too much #gorgeous

Plants are so incredibly calming. I suppose that’s why parks and nature reserves are so popular; it’s a universally observed effect. Last week I literally just sat and sniffed a potted plant for a whole car journey, just because (no matter how weird it might have been) it calmed me and I could only think about how beautiful & refreshing nature is, especially now when we now exist in a sea of machinery and gasoline and tall, unnatural landscapes.

So I decided to take a little day trip to visit Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, London. Apparently, I used to go all the time when I was very small as my family used to live in West London before we relocated south, but I’m happy to be able to “revisit” the gardens as an adult, especially because it has such relevance to the journey that I’ll be undergoing in under 2 months. You can scroll through the photos above!

On my walk into Holland Park, surrounded by nature and sunlight and warmth, I found myself becoming aware of my London pace (rush, stress, rush, roll your eyes at others being slow, glare at people for no reason, rush, stress, rush) and I slooowwweeeddd. Doooowwwnnn. All the way. I adopted an utterly slow pace, and it was honestly so refreshing. I suppose, in a way, I have been rushing through my whole life and not living at all in the present.

pokemon go sign kyoto garden

There was also a lovely little sign just outside one of the entrances to the gardens, telling Pokémon GO players to be respectful of the tranquillity of the parks. The summer of Pokémon GO was only a year ago, but it honestly feels like it was a 2014 thing, and I’m sure you might feel the same way. The world seems like it’s spinning by so fast, and I just wish it could all slow down.

In the 30 odd minutes that I was there before I realised I was going to be late for my evening plans, I was able to deeply reflect. So I’m planning to constantly surround myself with natural things even when I’m indoors, Ie. Succulents and flowers. A little bit of nature that I can nurture with my own hands and be soothed by, no matter where I am, even if it’s in my little room in Shinjuku, Tokyo.